Biosystems Group (BSG) provides design-build services for water treatment and desalination equipment applications. Because water is a basic requirement for many different types of industries, BSG has been involved in many varied projects including mining, process water, municipal water and resort drinking water supply. The company provides after-sale support services such as operations and maintenance either under contract or on an as-need basis.
As a design-build company, BSG will analyze a particular application and advise of the best design solution. Once these are approved by the client BSG, will then construct the equipment to meet the specifications. Construction may include turn-key site works, equipment only, or partial system supply as required. The company has in-house controls capability as well, which provides great flexibility with regards to process implementation. The company will also operate the equipment on a contract basis and offers after-sale support in the form of technical assistance, troubleshooting and spare parts. Our plants are capable of remote monitoring if internet is available at the site.
While our core business is desalination, BSG can supply accessory process systems such as intakes and discharges, conveyance pipelines, water storage as well as traditional water treatment systems. A standard skid-mounted product line is available as well for sizes ranging in 60-400kUSgpd (225-1500 m3/ d) which can be configured for outdoor use, containerized or indoor fixed position. The company has a standard line of 2800 m3/d trains as well which can be easily linked together for larger systems.
  • Membrane Filtration
    Process Design
    • Turnkey systems, either custom or standard
    • Product line Rehabilitation, Expansion, Rebuild
    • Seawater, Brackish
    • Intake (Open, Drilled, Channel)
    • Pretreatment (Media, UF, DAF, Micron)
    • Reverse Osmosis Desalination Equipment
  • Desalination Process
      • Process and Design
      • Inspection
      • Feasibility
      • Owner’s Engineer and Project Monitoring Site Review
      • EIS Review and Support
      • Contract
  • Reverse Osmosis
    Operations & Maintenance
    • Troubleshooting
    • Contract O&M
    • Online Evaluation of Controls
    • Parts, Chemicals, System Management
    • Spare Parts Supply
    • Sub-Project Design, Procurement, Consolidation and Shipment

Latest Projects

We provide water desalination consulting, design services and equipment for industrial, commercial and municipal application worldwide!


Our staff of engineers can assist you in defining your desalination application and then move your project from the drawing board to reality.

  • General Consulting
  • Engineering and Design
  • Project Management
  • Procurement and Installation
  • Training and Commissioning
  • Owner’s Engineer


Tested. Prepackaged. Warranted

Production capacities ranging from 60,000 US gpd (227 m3/d) to 400,000 US gpd (1514 m3/d)

  • Upgradable options available for all skids
  • Arrangements available for any seawater salinity